Sunday, February 24, 2013


By Roni Bell Sylvester

By mandating taxation on some and exempting others, President Obama flamboyantly violates Congress’s power to insure Taxes are “uniform throughout the United States.”

President Obama’s violation of uniform taxation is a clever way  to enforce his redistribution of the rights of U.S. Citizens.   

He steals rights from workers and innovators and gives them to  non-producing welfare recipients.

Then there’s this evil little thing called “usury” (interest + penalties =’s usury) that the IRS has lavishly imposed on U.S. Taxpaying Citizens for generations.  

Cato accurately described usury in his De Re Rustica: "And what do you think of usury?" — "What do you think of murder?"

President Obama mandated Obamacare as a means to tax U.S. Citizens into debt-slavery. Why? To gain control over  taxpaying U.S. Citizens independent of government welfare. Though he grew the number of non-taxpaying U.S. residents on welfare, he still had to capture the taxpayers.

By mandating Obamacare as a tax, President Obama took healthcare out of private medicine, and gifted it to IRS agents thereby allowing them to  take usury to heights un-climbable by most taxpayers.

Obamatax burdens employers, forcing them to decrease the number of their employees, drop families from the company policy, or convert payroll to sub-contracts. Any one of these actions is already having the devastating consequence of crushing America’s middle class.

But this is what President Obama wants. He knows that as individuals become unable to pay whatever amount an IRS agent arbitrarily imposes, they’ll be threatened with usury.  This will trigger his finger to conduct the life and labors  of these newly indebted.

Obamatax will extend the debts of  parents onto their children and secure President Obama his socialist platform generations of slaves and child labor in debt bondage.

The answer? Abolish  “income tax,” and replace with a flat or consumer tax.

The question? Does your elected official join  President Obama- in wanting you and your children to live in a their socialist state of debt bondage?  If they answer “Yes,”  tell them to knock it off or you’ll fire them! Then do it while you still have the freedom to do so!


Saturday, February 2, 2013


After reading the upcoming Colorado Ag Forum program, I slid into a smoldering rage and began writing. 5 hours later, and multiple changes (Chuck said, “…better remove `greedy bastards’- if you want the papers to publish it.”) – I shut off the computer and baked Chicken. 
This a.m., still simmering…but trying to think of creative, workable solutions. In a nutshell, here’s the scoop: Government employees spend YOUR money thinking up stuff (they call “innovative”) to further weight down food producers. They steal our water (shrinking irrigated acres), steal our AUM’s (shrinking cattle herds), and demand we get off the tractor or horse to drive the hundred miles into town to fill out their newest rash of regulations (imagine the “down time” Ag producers incur dealing with that…and at what cost to state’s economy?).
When we try bringing solutions to our governor, we’re not even allowed the courtesy of meeting with him. Seems his calendar’s always full worrying about whether or not the general assembly will be able to invoke the word of God (marriage) into state, so HIS select constituency will receive new rights over and above the rest of us.  
Do you know that if you’re a government employee, you get to break the law – lie, cheat, steal, harass, stalk, fine – well you get the picture…you can do whatever the hell you want, and never be subjected to arrest and punishment like any private sector individual would have to face if engaging in the same?
Government employees no longer feel they have to comply with their sole job description, which is to “Protect the people.”

Instead, U.S. Citizens are left with the ugly job of trying to protect themselves – from government employees.
I’m dead serious. This whole thing is upside down, inside out! And to further exasperate the scenario, non-food producers shout and spit at us, “Be NICE to government employees. They have a right to destroy you. We hate you too. Now! Get back to work you stupid hick you! I want your arugula for my lunch salad!”

Dear God, where are the Mr. Smith’s and John Wayne’s when you need them? Oh. That’s right. They’re being punished for being honest whistle blowers.
Beginning to think Chuck's  the only benefactor of my rage, in that now I’ll shut off this ol’ computer…again…and heat up the oven so I can cool down.  

Friday, January 11, 2013


Found this poem, "Momma, Who Will Bake Us Some Bread," while digging through my old files.

By Roni Bell

One day I was thinking of an ego spree,
something fancy free.
You know,
no responsibility.
So I decided to cop-out, plop out, block-out,
the work-in, discipline, situation,
I felt I was in.
Quit bakin' the bread,
to make some bread.
Put away the crock-pot,
started smokin' pot.
Forgot about the good deeds,
to get high on the in-speeds.
Striked for higher pay,
My union, built a new hall today.
Robbed another man
of the money he made.
So I could continue
my identity search way,
I hitch hiked through life
like a burr on a dog.
Scratching and prick'n
my own free ride.
To get some  praise,
I lectured on the ecology faze.
My children were whisked off,
on another to raise.
The voice of my tiny tot,
brought me to a stop,
when she tearfully said,
"Momma, who will back us some bread?"
Then I realized,
as I looked in her eyes,
that an ego spree,
simply wasn't for me.
Play dough for the children,
is the kind I'll make.
Weeds I'd rather pull,
`cause smokin' `em
takes its toll.
It's fun to be
the little one's heroine,
than dead,
on the pushers heroin.
My children,
they laugh and color,
swing and sing,
hug their mother.
They loose teeth by degrees,
learn ABC's,
scrape their knees,
all of which,
I'm there to see.
Teach them to thread a needle,
sooth an ego,
pray for ALL people,
they then will be,
the citizens we need.
So do your thing.
Burn your bra if you must.
No one whistles,
at an angry bust.
You've come a long way baby.
Who's tending your home?
My monuments will be living,
yours carved out of stone.

Roni Bell   (c) Copyright March 3, 1977

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Charles W. & Ronita M. Sylvester Christmas Letter of 2012

January -
Jumped out in Cheyenne with Kent and Cory Rutledge. Next day back at The Farm, we had chili, a rousing Bronco game, and close friends Bill, Patty and Wilson Ogg, Margret Korzus, Brad and Shelia Barker.
Chuck rode with the 3R guys in the NW parade, thus beginning the first of many trips into Denver for Stock Show events.
Brad Paisley, along with a surprise appearance by Tim Tebow, did another 5 star performance at the Pepsi Center. Man O man we love that kid’s guitar work!
February -
Opened in Nashville where we indulged in country western music and “BEEF! It’s what’s for dinner!”
Drilling rigs rolled into our fields, set up two entire little villages, popped new gas wells, then moved out within a couple months. It’s amazing how they do that without disrupting ones fields. At one point a steady stream of semi-tractors, hauling everything from massive tanks, trailers and earthmovers to manure, veggies and cattle passed our home. We know President Obama and his followers hate domestic resource providers, but each time I had to duck a truck, I felt good knowing they were bringing useful supplies of fuel and food to fellow Americans.
We availed “My Mojito” (office) for meetings with Senior South Platte water users to try and figure ways to convince Junior lower users to stop stealing our water. Testifying at the capitol, having a zillion meetings and investigating the whole water shebang have become our way of going. We pray we can get truth and facts to Governor Hickenlooper (Penetrating the socialist wall around him is challenging.), before Agriculture, Colorado’s most solid economic base, crumbles in 2013.
March -
Took off for Laughlin, NV. Where Chuck’s C.S.U. Rodeo Alumni gathers annually. We bounced through Arizona in route, then took in our second family, “The Griffin’s,” in Utah on the return home. In Moab, my longtime friend Trisha Ogilvy gave me a birthday surprise of a painting she’d done of a momma cow and calf. It now decorates the area over our oven.
After suffering a grand mall seizure, son Philip is working his way back to good health. Thank God! Aside from being fun and sweet to have around, he’s our reliable and very talented “fix it, bake it and take care of it” guy around this farm.
For my 67th, Chuck gave me a 1994 Case Skid Steer. Beth Johnson named it Clyde. Soon after Barbie Tractor flashed her “bling bling” (tree pulling gold chain) at him, Clyde Case showed her how high his hydraulics could boost his front loader, and now they’re engaged. They plan to marry as soon as Barbie gets the “go ahead” from her brother “Fordie” Tractor. Fordie’s still checking out Clyde’s genealogy.
April -
Chuck bit the bullet and financed bringing Lord Christopher Monckton (man who Al Gore fears most) to address Colorado’s General Assembly at our capitol. Chuck is my hero for his ever faithful offerings of educational opportunities the public doesn’t get anywhere else.
I managed to get ol’ Christopher into a proper English stir, by getting lost while driving him to Mike Rosen’s show. We made it and Mike was gracious; but my legs wouldn’t stop quivering the whole time in the studio. This aging thing is a curious thing…ain’t it!
Fox News contributor Steve Milloy, Lord Monckton, Marna Dowling and I had a delicious time hashing over socialists and Al Gore believers until near closing time at the Brown’s Ship Tavern.
U-Tube “Monckton and Wind Energy” video son Jay Hutcheson did. It’s a dandy!
Chuck’s “Professional Trail Rider” season began with the Sombrero Ride. He loves riding with the guys (variations on the theme of 3 R), as they (the rides, not the guys) take him to far reaches he’d otherwise never get to see. And to enjoy the surroundings of magnificent scenery and jolly company on the back of a good horse, well, for him that’s heaven!
May -
The usual for Chuck? T-Bone club, 3 R Board meeting, WSG’s, Branding other people’s calves ranging at his ranches in WY, and the Rim to River Ride; a trail ride with CSO (Canyon Sleep Over). Yes. That boy actually had to sleep under the stars with his saddle as a pillow. Ouch!
The usual for me? Mow. Get haircut. Mow. Mow. Get Miss Aggie May haircut. Then mo mow.
June -
I tutored a group in Laramie, WY about the Demand To Remove letter. Now THAT was FUN! Met some terrific folks then stayed at Dallas and Vivienne Talbott’s Double Mule Shoe Cabin (Centennial) with Cheri and Cory Steinmetz. The Talbott’s fixed us up the next morning with a luscious breakfast and lively chat!
For Chuck’s 75 birthday, he gave himself a Gazebo (on our card’s cover). “Seek,” the elder male cat, took up residence there. It’s OK. Seek deserves such a cat house.
After eons of absence, I shot branding in real 35 millimeter film. Forgot how much fun that is! There’s just something about the grain, density and feel of those old kind of photos.
The best part of June, was having daughter Lea and her significant other David Lauer, move to Denver. It’s comforting for a mom to have her “little ones” near. 
What else? More trail rides for the now very professional trail rider Mr. Sylvester. A Shakedown ride, then the BIG ride! This ride was twofold special as it was in the Big Horn’s in Wyoming, and, Chuck’s 25th ride thus qualifying him as 3 R “Life Member.”
But first we hosted the Colorado Independent Cattlemen’s Convention at The Farm. Our kind of people! They know how to pick up a chair, run a computer, make jam, castrate a bull and ride a horse. Grand three days indeed!
August -
Chuck went back up to WY to play with other cowboys cattle. He sure likes not having to worry about weather, help, errant government employees, prices, weights, Mother Nature & equipment.
We drove up to the Wyoming State Fair, then a week later to Nebraska for Papillion High School’s all classes recognition dinner.
September -
The Good Neighbor Board (Colonel Mark Trostel, Kimmi Lewis, Dr. John Maulsby, Ken Keil, Marna Dowling and Scott Shuman) put together an informative forum of speakers including Dr. Richard Keen, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Colorado State Rep. Shawn Mitchell and Dr. Jill Vechhio.
We had September 15th picked out for our annual Bunch Quitter Soiree, but – decided that because the presidential election was likely the most important of our lifetime, it would be best to concede that date to the Good Neighbor Forum.
We flew down to Oklahoma city for the inductions of friends of Chuck’s into the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. It was so fun visiting with our longtime friend Chuck Schroeder, TX buddy John Wroten, and recent C.S.U. Veterinarian grad Dr. Molly Murphree. Molly’s like a daughter to us. We’re just plain out right proud of her accomplishments! Any who choses her to be their vet will be putting their animal in great care.
Range Rover, the famous A-rab horse that we blame for “putting us together,” died peacefully in tall grass surrounded by his equine buddies. Lea’s dad bought Range Rover for her when both were just pups; she 12, and he 2 months. Everyone loved Range Rover. Cowboy broke by the Griffin’s, he gave many humans 23 years of his honest friendship.
October -
By September’s end, Chuck was positioned at the Circle Bar, ready to enjoy the company of his Elk & Antelope hunting buddies! These past years, Chuck’s pretty much replaced his gun and hunting for his “Crown” and grunting.
While Chuck was drinking and stinking in Wyoming, I drove back to Nebraska for my 50th Papillion H.S. reunion. Being with folks who’ve known me since we strung beads together in the church nursery, I immediately reverted back to being a goofy chatterbox farm girl!
A big treat was an up close and personal listening and viewing session with Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Congressman Paul Ryan and Gov. Mitt Romney. Present were too many more great Americans to name. We see God’s blessings through individuals like Romney; for what they sacrifice to make America strong is immeasurable.
If only one-half of America’s populace would sacrifice a fraction of what our soldiers and individuals like Romney, Jindal, Ryan and Rubio do, America could be great again.
November -
The Southern Colorado Cattlemen’s held their annual Ball in Trinidad. This was probably about the fifth or so time we’ve attended. The reason we do this is simple; we LIKE these Cowboys and Cowgirls. They’re the salt of the earth. Ever so bunged up by a rank bull, Mother Nature or government, they still dance with their boots and chuckles on.
We drove up to Laramie again where I spoke to the Laramie Tea Party on “What constitutes property.” Seems most of us don’t know what’s ours and what’s government; and therein lays America’s biggest problem. As Doris Williams says, “If you have guts enough to own property, you better have guts enough to protect it!”
Ollie and Joyce Hill were kind enough to put up with these two old farmers for the night.
Mid November we spent three days in Denver as Weld County Delegates at the Colorado Farm Bureau convention. Talk about talk abouts! Hunts for anything remotely related to our Constitutions came up empty. Don’t remember the last time we were so doggone frustrated!
We capped off our Denver stay, with the breathtaking performance by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Now those kids have talent! Gees! Chuck loves this group, and was therefore the one to put on my desk months ago, “buy tix!” Yup! We were close enough (12 rows back in the middle) to feel…really feel the heat of the pyro and drips of sweat from the over hovering violinist.
Then, good sport that he is, Chuck donned 3D glasses and hunkered down with a whole theater row of us to watch Denver’s premiere of “The Life of Pi.” Lea’s boyfriend David Lauer was co-advisor over about 150 techies who did the special “visual” affects for Pi. We’re so proud of David! If you haven’t seen Pi – do!
Thanksgiving, we hosted about 40 family and friends. A succulent spread of yams, corn pudding, beet salad, potato casserole, Scalloped Oysters, Honey baked ham, Scott Callender deep fat fried Turkey, Kyle Miller smoked Turkey, Philip and Beth’s Wild Rice with Cashews, Geni’s homemade bread, Dave Callender’s Green Bean casserole, pies galore and more, teased our taste buds like many naughty temptresses.
With Red Wagon pulled by Fordie, Chuck gave everyone a ride along our river trail.
In addition to the usual doc appts, meetings, farm, yard and dirt work, interspersed throughout the year were heart breaking engagements with politicals and attorneys. Trying to resolve man-made disasters with water, property title and excess feral horses keeps us over busy.
Our country’s dying. But along with determined, clear headed, independent thinkers and doers somehow we will find a good way to resuscitate America and help her get back up and running as the Republic Ben Franklin left us.
In addition to maintaining Land and Water USA, we came up with an idea called, “A Walk in the Moc” (Moccasins). Because we’ve noticed a cavernous gap between rural and urban people, we thought if they’d trade places and walk in one another’s shoes for a while, this would bridge that gap. Maybe if one could experience what another is being un-fairly subjected to, a real empathy could grow into thank you’s, followed by kind acts of healing that could lead to reconnection.
Our children are all fine. Chuck’s daughter Lois still lives in MT with husband Brian Blasberg, and his son Duane (in Wyoming) grows around 800 acres of damn good alfalfa!
My son Philip and wife Beth live in Evans, CO. Daughter Geni, her husband Steve and their four daughters live in Denver where most go to college and elementary school. In March, I’ll become a great grandmother when Granddaughter Anita Hunt has a little girl. Son Jay is still a photojournalist for Denver’s Channel 7. Daughter Lea teaches Yoga and acting in Denver.
A side note, Sue Hollis and I promise we’ll have “The Magic Saddle” finished early 2013!
It’s the delightful little respites, like Randy Travis at Union Colony, Gilcrest Farm Sale, walks with Miss Aggie May, seeing wild turkeys, white tailed deer and great Bald Eagles in our woods, visiting with truly delightful people, all kinds of banquets, savoring the perfect steak Dr. Johnny Matsushima cooked for us, chiding the Godfrey Bottom Boys (Glenn Werning and Jerry Loeffler), re-sculpting the farm with Barbie Tractor and Clyde Case, watching Chuck laughing and working side by side with Philip and his grandson Charley, running away from grandchildren with water balloons, and listening to the hopes and dreams expressed by innocent youngsters that keeps us pushing on with faith and a few grins.
Now we’re prepping to hit the road again to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. Chuck’s never missed one NFR since going to Oklahoma in 1978! This will be uh, maybe my 17th?
May your Christmas year be graced with the love of God, Jesus Christ, family, and great friends; and if you’re really blessed, maybe add to that a perfect cat, great dog and good horse!
Yours truly,

This message was approved by Chuck Sylvester.


Monday, November 12, 2012


By Roni Bell Sylvester

To help God’s “will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven,” I pray that each person who never built or managed a business, never created a job or met a payroll and voted for Obama, will extend grace, compassion, patience and love towards with those who have built businesses and voted for Romney. Please understand that over 58 million individuals lost their beloved America last week. And they’re acutely aware of the double hard lifting that will now be mandated upon them by Obama. 

I believe that all they ask is that Obama followers stop beating on them and recognize they need time to go through all the stages of mourning this tragic loss.  Presently, they’re in shock. They still can’t believe Obama got more votes than Romney. This isn’t something Obama followers should giggle over. It’s not funny. It’s likely when they come out of shock, they’ll go into a rage followed by depression. Yes, they’re acutely aware of the fact that because they’re good runners, Obama will mandate that they keep running while he piles on more weights.

If Obama followers truly want “the American dream,” then here’s what they need to do: First they need to picture their boss going through the culmination of shock, disbelief, rage and overwhelming sadness that comes with seeing their hopes and dreams dashed to smithereens. They need to join their boss in the wee hours of the morning, and help them prepare for then go through their normal day filled with threats; including threats from union bosses, violation threats from Lisa Jackson (EPA), threats from drugs and arms runners, threats against their property from Ken Salazar (DOI), tax increase threats from Obama, Mother Nature’s storms and threat of cancer in their own body.

Then the employee needs to go home with their boss, and help them deal with a sick child, handicapped spouse, belligerent bank, rude neighbor and backed up sewer while trying to figure out how they’re going to have to let go of Susie Q, the faithful 23 year employee, because Obama’s mandates don’t leave him enough to feed his own family, much less Susie Q’s.  

I personally know many ladies and gentlemen who are subjected to these things daily. None ask for assistance from government. They know that’s flat out stealing from their neighbor.

Obama followers need to break out of his path, and walk in the shoes of those who are really picking up the tab.

This whole thing reminds me of government agents who demanded Cowboys “get your cattle off NOW,” and when the Cowboys couldn’t (someday I’ll explain why), the government agents tried moving the cattle. They failed miserably within ONE day. Why? Even though they were barking orders at the Cowboys, they had no knowledge of the terrain, cattle, seasons, horses and the sheer grit it took to do such. Once they got a dose of what they expected the Cowboys to do, they backed off.

I think if Obama and his followers were mandated to walk in the shoes of those they have such lofty expectations of, they too would back off, and then, and only then, begin to work with the 58 million in the civilized gracious manner it’s gone to take to resuscitate America…if…that’s what they want.

If that’s not what Obama followers want, then they need to stop lying and move to a country that fits their ideology, instead of destroying America. At the least, that’d get them out of the way long enough to give the double lifters the single load of carrying God’s will to be done on earth.