Monday, February 8, 2016


Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, you shrieked at a Hillary Clinton rally, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."
What hell?  
As a woman who's never been gender bias, I don’t know what hell you’re talking about.
The ripple effect of what happens to a man or a woman is inseparably gender neutral.
Heads up Secretary Albright!  
From firsthand experience, believe me, Hillary's already made places in hell on earth, for many women.
Each day, Mary - mother of Chris Stevens, Cheryl - mother of Tyrone Woods, Barbara -mother of Glen Doherty and Pat - mother of Sean Smith live in a hell on earth.
Hillary's sloppy way of going contributed to the avoidable (It’s said.) deaths of their sons.
She lied to them. LIED Madeline. Hillary LIED to them when she said they died because of a video - and that she’d investigate.
Then your friend Hillary forgot about it.
Everyone, except Hillary, knows she lies. That's a given!
What about that special hell on earth Hillary helped make for each woman her husband Bill shoved himself on?
Hillary claims she does not use her influence in return for campaign and Clinton Foundation contributions.
Can’t you see that's another Hillary lie?
Hillary’s circuitous interwoven ways she makes hell on earth for women, by paying off her contributors and covering up her actions, are genius.  
One example: It’s common knowledge that Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, certain country's banks, President Obama, George Soros and environmental groups are all snuggly in bed together.
What difference does that make? As Hillary would dismiss.
Well, probably it's the way she and her associates systematically diminish American resource production - including, fossil fuel energy, timber, mining, fishing and agricultural.
Here they're gender neutral. They make hell on earth for both men and women.
Why would they want to do this?
Everyone knows that maintaining safe, affordable supplies of locally produced food and fuel is a critical matter of national security for American Citizens. 
But by her actions, your friend Hillary shows us daily that she’s not interested in keeping American men and women safe. Her drive, not unlike Mr. Obama’s, is to become a global dictator.
She knows the majority of us Americans are easily fooled. So to chip away at eliminating America's resource providers, she frames her pitch in pretty and fluffy; “I know you want clean water and air for your children and grandchildren. I’m keeping you safe. I love you." Kiss, kiss.
While lolling us into la la land, she whispers Al Gore’s words, “Man contributes to hot, cold weather, and the fate of polar bears. I know you want to save those fluffy white critters.”
“And if you don't, there's a special place in hell for you." Kiss kiss.
She’ll preach, “I save the planet! You miners, loggers, fishermen and farmers, are mean to the lowly gummer snail. I’ll protect it - from you. Get away from its habitat! NOW!”
“Oh. And by the way, to save you from you, I need to take control of your water too."
“For the common good,” she smiles.
Does Hillary’s troupe enlist Obama’s help – and maybe George Soros – to block production of America’s abundant resources?
Doesn’t she know this squeezes every American, male or female, into the vulnerable position where un-friendly countries slip in and give us hell on earth. 
Someone else can address the beheadings. That's another gender neutral hell on earth!
Does Hillary’s troupe get their loans from the private company known as the Federal Reserve, - and countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia?
I don’t know. Do you Madeline? Have you vetted her?
It appears that in order to collateralize their loans, they go straight to federal lands.
Understand please. There is private sector ownership of property on Federal Land.
The energy production and the grazing cattle and sheep you see on those Federal Lands, are allotments (and more) that comprise private sector ownership.
But Hillary hates cows, gas wells, lambs and coal mines.
Because ewe encumbers the collateralization on their loans. Therefore, she must sweep Federal Lands free of you ewe!  
What her gang does with those loans one can only speculate. Maybe they subsidize their favorite green energy child – or perhaps arm Iran?
Please ponder on this. Then do your own homework Madeline.
A different kind of ugly hell on earth, for many women, can be noted as started when Bill Clinton took office. 
How’s that?
Ask Ramona Morrison, Wayne Hage’s daughter.
It’s apparent that beginning in 1993 Clinton instructed his newly appointed Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt, "Get Grazing Allotment owners OFF federal land!"
Thus began government employee’s harassment, bullying, threats, lying, stalking and false charges against Grazing Allotment owners.
Ramona’s family was among the first Grazing Allotment owners to get hit! Bad!
It is thought that being riddled non-stop with horrific actions by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service agents contributed to the early death of Mary Hage, Ramona’s mom; a woman Bill Clinton made a place in hell on earth.
Ramona’s family continues living in Bill’s hell.
Madeline. Ask Carol Bundy. The Clinton troupe has subjected her family to hell on earth for years. Ask her how she felt when Senator Reid called her husband Cliven a domestic terrorist and sent in a militia with intent to bring him out in a body bag.
For defending freedoms and liberty for all Americans, Carol’s son Ammon is now in jail.
And Madeline, what about Susie Hammond? Have you asked her how she feels about having her husband and son imprisoned for a crime they did not commit? She’s a woman. What kind of support is she getting from your friend Hillary?
Then there’s that hell on earth for the women of Escalante, Utah. Clinton bankrupted their families!
How'd he do that?
In the middle of the night, Clinton gave away 1.7 million acres and 62 billion tons of the cleanest, most environmentally beneficial coal in Utah, for personal contributions from James T. Riady, Indonesia.
Indonesia has Coal. You figure it out.
“The Riady family and its companies also were connected to Clinton friend and onetime Associate Atty. Gen. Webster L. Hubbell. One of the companies controlled by James Riady made a $100,000 payment to Hubbell, who after leaving the Justice Department under an ethics cloud served 18 months in federal prison for defrauding the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock when he and Hillary Rodham Clinton were partners there.”  From: January 21, 2001 LA Times- Clinton Donor Riady Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge.
Now Obama's fast tracking monument designations. They're panicking to get that unencumbered collateralization for their loans.
So panicky, they recently executed a hit on LaVoy Finicum.
Ms.Albright, has Hillary Clinton reached out to Jeanette Finicum?
Secretary Albright, please think on my words thoroughly.
Hillary Clinton is the personification of a woman who won’t help other women.  But then, you surely know that. So was your statement, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women," a way to backhand Hillary?  
Kiss, kiss.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pick One!

Facebook continues to be an interesting laboratory.
Recent findings?
Those subjected to government's wrath respond, while others go silent.
Not sure how to process this finding.
Do you?
Is it because "others:" a) Are disconnected? b) Live in bubbles? c) Are stupid? d) Are complicit?
Where do you fall in this equation?
Same goes for solutions.
Many Facebookers boast about knowing each  POTUS candidate so well they can pitch on them broad sweeping bitches and or praises.
Yet the findings reveal none know any, for to date, not one has gone beyond their bitching and praising to hand deliver one (1) solution.
Where do you fall in this equation?
Is your message,  “I will continue to ignore solutions because they interrupt the flow of my whining, bitching, praise singing and word smithing adnauseum!”
Or is your message, "Here's a solution. I will work hard to implement it!"
The most frustrating part of knowing the truth, and offering solutions lays in finding news reporters who'll cover such...accurately. 

We have solutions that will: Stop water thievery (Biggest crime in America today.) and EPA's unlawful overreach; free the Hammonds, and would have prevented the cold murder of LaVoy Finicum.  
But no news outlet will cover such.
Local example: I can't read the Denver Post or the Greeley Tribune anymore. Why? Because they publish AP releases and letters to the editor that are so inaccurate, that just thinking on corrections exhausts me into paralysis.

Here's a handful of workable solutions:

1) Stop class warfare, government super snooping and offer authentic equality:

2) Prevented the cold murder of LaVoy Finicum:

3) Dilute water thievery:
Return authority to state’s water engineers to - “Administer Water in Prior Appropriation.”

4) Stop elected officials from using their position to unjustly self-enrich…at least in Colorado: Enforce Sec.'s 40 and 43. State of Colorado Constitution. “If any person elected to either House of the General Assembly shall offer or promise to give his vote or influence in favor of our against any measure or proposition, pending or proposed to be introduced in the General Assembly, in consideration or upon condition that any other person elected to the same General Assembly will give or will promise or assent to give his vote or influence in favor of or against any other measure or proposition, pending or proposed to be introduced in such General Assembly, the person making such offer or promise, shall be deemed guilty of solicitation of bribery.
Sec. 43. A member who has a personal or private interest in any measure or bill proposed or pending before the General Assembly, shall disclose the fact to the House of which he is a member, and  shall not vote thereon.

5) Stop EPA from their unlawful overreach:
Because there are NO open waters of the U.S. west of the 100th meridian, all western states governors should order the EPA, “Get the hell out of our state!”

6) Significantly slow entry of murderers into America: Enforce immigration laws!
Each person wanting access to the U.S. must apply for a visa, and present said visa at the border. They must leave ALL items at the gate, and then walk through security. They should be medically reviewed for any insects/diseases/viruses/bacteria/noxious plants etc. their mother country has, to ensure none are introduced into the U.S. Each MUST have a sponsor, like their mother country or U.S. employer, who will assume full responsibility for their needs until such time they become an American Citizen.

7) Lesson the grip unfriendly nations have on America: Let Domestic Resource Providers produce!  

8) Diminish murders in U.S.: Enforce preexisting LAWS!

9) End Al Gore's global warming climate change scam: Stop making policies based on such!
Al is lying to you. Simple as that!

If each American would pick any one of these 9 solutions, and use laser focus to implement, we could realize a bright and certain future for all...equally.
Pick one, then get to work!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Know Bull

National Review and a host of conservatives I have great respect for, recently wrote their take on Donald L. Trump.
Reading  and listening to their words brought this picture into my minds eye.
Two guys and two gals go to a cattle ranch and claim, "We're cowboys and we're going to help gather your cows today."
So Harley, the head wrangler, trusts them. Although he could see by their gear, they were city slickers.
Harley says, "Meet me in the corral in 10. I have 4 gentle horses you can saddle up."
Joe, Gen, Ralph and Jodi, look at each other and ask, "What's 10?"
They straggle down to the corral and take - even with Harley's help - about 32 minutes to saddle their horse. Their "gentle" horse.
Harley mounts up and says, "We have 200 pairs and 10 bulls to gather today."
Pointing, he continues,  "Joe. You ride up that pass beyond that goat rock.  Gen, you go along the fence line. Ralph, you ride that way until you get to the meadow gate. Stay there. Jodi, ride up there and push whatever you find down that creek over there. I'll meet all of you at the meadow gate!"
Harley disappears over the ridge.
Terrified to mount up, Joe, Gen, Ralph and Jodi stay in the corral, lunge their horses and talk.
They talk and lunge, talk and lunge, "Boy! That Harley sure is a blunt SOB!"
"Damn it's hot," whines Jodi while talking off one layer of her many nylon tank tops.
"Well I'm thirsty. Wonder when that SOB's going to feed us?" grunts Ralph.
"I'm scared," admits Gen. "What if I get lost out there?"
"Well, I'll tell you what. Harley doesn't know what the hell he's doing. He's too blunt for me. And did you notice, that red-neck SOB has a gun. Stupid, moron. What's he going to shoot out here? A prairie dog! Like a prairie dog's going to hurt him! God he's dumb. I'll just going to stay here. He can't get me to help. He's rude!" barks Ralph.
A few hours later, Harley gets to the meadow gate with 150 pairs and all 10 bulls. Not one city slicker's there. He pretty much figured that'd happen. That's why he didn't wait. There was work to be done, and, accustomed to "going it alone," he just did it.
Harley rode hard, kept the bulls apart from the pairs, pushed the pairs through the gate, dismounted fast, closed the gate, mounted up, pushed the bulls down the fence line, dismounted, opened a gate, mounted, pushed the bulls through the gate, dismounted, closed the gate and rode back to camp.
There he found all 4 city slickers, laying on straw bales.
The horses were wandering the corral, stepping on their reins.
"Where the hell were you guys?" roared Harley.
"We don't like you Harley. You're mean!" sniffled a very sun-burned Jodi.
"Yeh. You're too blunt!" challenged Ralph.
"And, and, and, I don't like guns. Guns hurt people," gurgled Joe.
"I could have helped you Harley, but I wanted these guys to do it too," said Gen.
"Well kids, nice try," said Harley.
"We have a saying out here in these parts that pretty much fits ya'll," said Harley.
"You're as worthless as tits on a boar. Now go home. I have work to do and you're in my way," Harley finished.
Yes. That's the picture the National Review painted in my mind.
Although their collective word-smithing was creative and lovely to behold, not one word "brought home one bull."
They are, comes another cowboy saying, "They're all hat and no bull."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Foged `bout Food!

I no longer see any point in agriculture - at all. 
Higher Ed probably ought to shut down any class that's remotely related to Ag.Why?
Well, as Greeley, CO city planner Harold Evans said (paraphrased),  "We MUST meet the population growth! Therefore, Ag is just going to have to dry up!" 
My translation: Developers rule!
The get rich and party today guys don't care a whit about anyone's future. They're thieves who care only about their today!
You wouldn't believe the billions these thieves, called "Waterrunners" make off the water they steal.
Word on the street claims that when Waterrunners actually "buy" water, they pay (some measurement of it) $75 and sell for $1,700.
You can't compete. They retain lawyers, lobbyists, lackeys and enough politicians to bully, threaten, charm, harass and sue you out of your water.
Example: Our little 1870 Godfrey Ditch.  
It ran along happily for 140 years.
Then BAM! 
Waterrunners discovered it as a key carriage vessel to move water from the upper end of the S. Platte to the lower end where they peal it off and sell.  
Now the lackeys troll up and down the Godfrey bottom with, "Heeyyy little boy, little girl. Come here. I've got a deal for you."
Governor Hickenlooper echoes the "must meet population growth." Then he gives us a slick and glossy four-color sep you can skate across thingy he boasts of as the Colorado Water Plan.
I call it a fancy distraction from the reality of Waterrunner thievery!
It's void of statutes and identification of crucial chunks of where a lot of our water goes; like the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program.

Politicians who claim they'll do this and that for our children and grandchildren -are mostly lying. For they too, only care about playing games with the big boys. Your problems just don't fit in! You're a nuisance!
Harold Evans is right! Because Colorado's semi-arid desert, there's absolutely no way we can meet the food demands of said population growth, without drying up ag.
If an elected or appointed official was sincere about sustaining Colorado's agricultural, they would implement Baseline Acre Production (BAP).
BAP is a very simple formula wherein one would record 15 years of their raw off the land production; whether timber, mining, energy, crops etc., then total up the amount of water it took to sustain that production and divide by 15.
City planners could provide that information to prospective developers along with the truth: "We do or don't have enough water to meet your plans."
Certainly you cannot begrudge water share owners from selling their shares, but delivery to remaining share holders should never be denied!
Full disclosure to prospective movers to Colorado, should include, "Sure. You can move here. But understand that with your demand and agriculture's need for water, we'll soon meet the law of diminishing return. So factor a 500% increase in your grocery bill, at no store near you." 
In short, move to Colorado, but foged`bout food!  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Threats and Lovely Bunches of Carrots

One reason I like Donald Trump, is because he can’t be bought.
Why is this important to me?
You can’t get a damn thing done with our elected officials.
Because their sugar daddies and lobbyists dangle little threats or lovely bunches of carrots; “If you want to be governor, senator, president, you better do what we tell you or you’re not getting one cent from me!”
In other words, they’ve been bought off.
I’ve seen bills with high hopes get slain in capitol hallways, because of money. Those who enjoy unjust enrichment will bump into a bill sponsor and say, “We know what time Susie gets out of Crash Elementary.” Or, “Remember. We have ‘those pictures’ of you.” Or, “Don’t forget where you’re getting your money!”
Sometimes I wish I was as uniformed, ill-informed and naïve as most voters.
Because I could blindly defend celebrity entertainers like President Obama, and lip sync the sing-songs that smear honest pluggers like a Dr. Ben Carson.
Instead, I witness firsthand the gosh darn hard-working honest volunteer, who bundles up against freezing cold to drive to print shops and meetings, make coffee and cookies for everyone and toil alone at their computers/telephones and kitchen table...only to be sued.
The volunteer had the audacity to refuse making way for some damn thief!
Yes. That’s correct.  Even though the thief’s actions were akin to a bank robber suing the teller because the teller refused to open the drawer and hand over the money, they get away with it.
They “bought off” some politician.
Seriously folks. Money has motivated our elected officials, their sugar daddies and lobbyists to build a truly backasswards environment; an environment that’s turned into a stagnate swill.
You have a lot of homework to do in deciding who you’re going to hire as our 45th President of the United States.
You can start by finding out who’s been bought…and who hasn’t.
Ask each candidate, "Have you been threatened? Did you take a lovely bunch of carrots?"
Oh. And yes. Next time you see a volunteer, please give them a big "thank you" hug!  
Thank you.